Bespoke History produces custom-made books that preserve and celebrate your history.

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Getting Started

Book Plan:

The term "bespoke" means custom-made…tailored to the client's exact specifications. The first step in creating your family, corporate, or institutional history book is to define its parameters. After an initial consultation, the Bespoke History team will create an outline, agree on a timeline, and define a project strategy to yield the perfect book for you, your family, or your organization.


The research process includes various tasks, from recording personal interviews to combing the archives of libraries, historical societies, and other sources to find the raw ingredients for your Bespoke History book. Our research strategy will be based on the outline and book plan generated after our first meeting.

For family history projects, we will begin by trying to understand what the family already knows about its history. We will accomplish this through personal interviews and by reviewing all records, documents, photos, and correspondence provided by the family. We will create an organized inventory and catalog of all items and carefully review each one to identify the questions we want to answer, and make a plan to learn more. As a member of the Association of Personal Historians and the American Historical Association, Bespoke History LLC's founder, Tom Hostage, is part of an extensive network of historians, research specialists, and archivists. We may sub-contract certain overseas research and other specialized research tasks when deemed necessary or cost-efficient.

Organizational history projects tend to offer a more defined and organized research challenge. We will follow a similar pattern to the process described above, often with the assistance of a liaison team assigned to work with us, providing access to the required materials, and facilitating the interview process.