Bespoke History produces custom-tailored books

that preserve and celebrate your story.

Bringing history to life

Many of us have treasured heirlooms that are passed down over generations. Unfortunately, the stories that help give those items meaning often do not survive the test of time.

Our goal is to help families and organizations preserve and celebrate their history and memories for the enrichment and enjoyment of future generations.



Bespoke History books incorporate the voices and perspectives of people who are part of the family, corporate, or institutional history. Interviews are recorded in-person whenever possible, or by zoom or phone when necessary. These conversations provide the anecdotal color to wrap around the factual, research-based framework of the story.


Bespoke History is part of a network of researchers and genealogists with a broad range of specialties. Multi- generational projects include a review of historical records for information on your family’s ancestral background. We will gather birth, marriage, death, church, court, and property records to form a solid base from which to tell your family story.


We will gather and scan hundreds… sometimes thousands of photos, slides, and digital images to enhance your book’s layout. Artifacts and memorabilia can be scanned or photographed to add to the visual element of your story. Our layout team makes extensive use of these images in combination with the written word to present a compelling visual presentation for your book.


Our writers and designers bring your story to life in an engaging format that informs and entertains. Research is combined with quotes and anecdotes from the people who were part of the history – all woven together with plain- spoken but eloquent narrative text.

Our outstanding creative team will create a custom layout for your book that will reflect your personal taste, or your company’s image, and bring the story to life in a rich and compelling book design.


Bespoke History has full in-house design and print production facilities. We produce fine-crafted hard-cover and soft-cover books from the unique, awe-inspiring creations of our layout team. Our books exhibit high- quality standards in every detail. Many finishing options are available. Electronic files can be archived and updated for future printings as needed.


As we enter our second decade of producing privately
commissioned histories, here’s what our clients have to say...

This is an UNBELIEVABLE WORK!!! I am so pleased that we decided to move forward with this project. Bespoke History and the alumni association should be very proud of this effort!


Let’s get started on your project

The first step in creating your book is to define its parameters. After initial consultation, our team will create an outline and estimate your project’s timeline, cost and strategy in a formal proposal.